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FR Legends APK VS Dubai Drift 2 APK – Which One Wins The Comparison Competition and Why?

Dubai Drift 2 and FR Legends are both car racing and drifting mod versions of games. Both the games fascinate racing and drifting lovers. Drifters love to support their favorite game when speaking about FR Legends APK VS Dubai Drift 2 APK.

In this article, we will briefly discuss the mod apks of the games and their features. In the end, we describe our conclusion.

Dubai Drift 2 APK

Dubai Drift 2 is an online game with unique features like a selection of cars, maps, and modes of play. You can play and enjoy racing with other players around the world. 

Following are some of the features of Dubai Drift 2 APK


Players can participate in tournaments to play against other players and win for rewards. Players are challenged to show their skills at driving and drifting.This keeps the fun alive and makes the game more engaging.

Game Modes

Players can switch between different game modes, from drifting to drag races and circuits. In addition, each mode has its only challenges and difficulty levels.

Car Selection

Users can select a range of cars to fit their liking or mood. Multiple car models and types are available to players, i.e., sports and luxury exotic cars. Moreover, players can also customize their cars for every racing competition.


Controlling and handling the vehicle is pretty smooth and easy to master. Because of this, players can easily take control and steer around.

FR Legends APK

FR Legends MOD APK is also an online racing and drifting game with multiple tracks, challenges, car selection, and customization features. 

Following are a few features of FR Legends APK


FR Legends’ car customization feature is a rich experience for game lovers. One can move from central to minor parts and switch the part with various available options. Additionally, players can choose paint jobs, steering wheels, levers, engines, tires, and even accessories.

Drifting Experience

FR Legends provides a drifting experience closer to reality due to its accurate physics modeling.   The player stimulates natural drifting. 

Multi Playing Mode

FR Legends provide multiple-player mode features. Consequently, players can race with other players from around the world. Players can invite friends to join them on the track and have fun drifting.

Multi Tracks & Challenges

FR Legends provide multiple tracks to try players’ racing expertise. Besides, each track has its challenges, hurdles, and difficulty levels. Users can go from easier to advance levels gradually while learning the game.


The replay feature allows users to watch their performance from different angles. It seems as if multiple cameras were there shooting from different angles. Finally, you have the recording for your view. It’s like a replay of a cricket match to verify a controversial decision.

My Choice On FR Legends APK VS Dubai Drift 2 APK

My Choice On FR Legends APK VS Dubai Drift 2 APK

We are now reaching the end of our article to make a final verdict. 

It’s a challenging decision because both games provide a rich experience with almost all the features a player should look for. Both games provide different challenge levels, multiplayer modes, and drifting experiences. But we have to decide on one winner.

If we look at vehicle customization, the most loved part of any racing game, FR Legends APK has the edge over Dubai Drift 2 APK.

FR Legends apk provides such a rich experience of car customization, with cameras rolling over and showing your car from different angles. Due to this, you can see your customization from every angle. Moreover, car customization is shown in such detail that you are immersed in this experience.

Another winning point is the replay option in FR Legends APK. In the end, you can watch a replay of your final moments from different angles to review your performance.

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