FR Legends APK VS Smashy Drift APK – Which Mobile Racing Game Is Better?

In the last few years, virtual gaming has made its place at the top of the activities chart. Among all the virtual games, racing games are the most admired by players as they are energetic and full of adventure. When discussing racing games, it is hard to choose between FR Legends Apk Vs. Smashy Drift Apk.

Here you go with a debatable comparison to help you choose the right game.

FR Legends APK

fr legends apk

FR Legends MOD APK is a game designed to meet a player’s speed demands with a special enthusiasm for racing and drifting. Besides being fun, the game has special features and easy controls that add to an effortless gaming experience.

The best part of the game is its vehicle customization feature. With this feature, we can upgrade the whole vehicle gradually according to the specific player’s requirement.  We can change the wheels, bearings, and even the car’s engine for the best results.

Players are quite enthused about the appearance of their vehicles. The game allows one to alter the physical appearance, such as shades, and we can also add some accessories.

The most admired part of the game is its track collection. This innovative gaming feature has added to the game’s fun and quality. Combining high-quality graphics with multiple tracks makes the game eye-catching and admirable to most racing players.

The easy and open interface of the game makes it the right choice for all players. The thunder sound and music add up to the adventure while racing. Lastly, the game has an in-built recording feature, so you can conveniently film some good racing videos.

Smashy Drift APK

Smashy Drift Apk is an open door to the world of endless drifting and racing. The game has an ultimate collection of almost thirty vehicles with some extraordinary yet quite premium features.

All the vehicles in the game are customizable, so the player can get the right racing vehicle to display some of the amazing moves while drifting on the road virtually. The game is endless, so the fun will never end. Just keep on playing and make the place on the global leaderboard.

Think of a location, and you will find it in the Smashy Drift APK. You get multiple locations in the game. Enjoy the in-game drift, whether in the countryside or even if you are racing in a city.

Smashy Drift APK comes with some of the most eye-catching graphics and thrilling in-built music that keeps the racers grabbed in the game for long hours.

Gameplay and features of FR Legends APK vs. Smashy Drift APK


Let’s see some more insights.

FR Legends APK

  •  In-Game recordings for exotic video recordings
  • Customizable vehicle for the player’s choice
  • Premium vehicles for the best racing
  • Multiple player modes with online connections
  • Easy and accessible features
  • Multiple racing tracks
  • Graphic adjustability for device compatibility

Smashy Drift APK

  • 30 premium vehicles
  • Epic vehicles for the premium usage
  • 360 wall taps for the easy fun drifting
  • Special kind of the location for the fun racing

The FR Legends APK and the Smashy Drift are the two incredible racing games. Both games are designed to fill the racing craving, but the FR Legends APK has all the advanced features and some amazing components. It has premium gameplay with smooth racing.

On the other hand, the Smashy Drift APK has fewer features and is still under development. The gameplay is flowy but less fun than the FR Legends APK.



If you talk about the conclusion for FR Legends APK Vs. Smashy Drift APK, I recommend you go for the FR Legends APK. The game is convenient to play with premium features. From graphics to sound, everything is on point.

The game is the right choice for people looking for the right thrill and satisfying their adventure cravings. If you want to enjoy real racing in a virtual world, download FR Legends APK.

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