FR Legends New Update

FR Legends new update or the latest update was released on May 31st, 2022. This was the update in which the developers and game owners has released new cars, new rims, new stickers, no collision mode option in multiplayer, and a ping limit in multiplayer.

This update is also for fixing some bugs and other errors that were reported by the players playing the game regularly or continuously. The best thing about the FR Legends game is that they hear the voice of players and users. If users report some issue or bug in the game, the developers try to fix those bugs asap with the very next update possible.

Apart from the update, there was a rumor that FR Legends 2 is coming in 2022 or 2023. Still, the reality is that no official statement or something has been released by the original game owners/developers. They are updating the existing games with a newer version, like there was version on the Jan 14th, 2022 and the next update has version 0.3.2 on May 31st, 2022. So, I personally don’t think that FR Legends 2 is coming any soon.

They are just updating, fixing, and adding new cars, maps, features, and other stuff in the game with more recent versions. 

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FR Legends Social Activeness

One of the main and biggest reason for the FR Legends game’s success is its interaction with the players and users. The game has many social accounts where they update and post about new upcoming updates, features, bug fixations, and much more other stuff.

The game has over 95k insta followers, approx 20k Reddit pros, and more than 13k FB followers. This shows that the interaction and social activeness of the game are quite awesome. 

They usually do polling and ask players on Reddit specifically for the things players/users want them to fix, and they actually do fix all those bugs as well. Reddit is like their main social platform where anyone can find almost all the information about this game. Apart from that information, there are FR Legends related memes as well. So, info + entertainment at the same time. 

Will FR Legends Release FR Legends 2?

Maybe. There is no official statement by the game owners/developers yet, so I can’t either confirm. But the best guess is that FR Legends 2 is not coming yet. Because of the way they are focusing on making the existing version better and more user/player friendly, I don’t think that they are focusing on the part 2 of the game yet.

But who knows? Maybe they will release the FR Legends 2 in 2023? Anyways whenever they will do, I am sure that it is going to be BIG! The success of the part 1 of the game has already given the idea that part 2(whenever it comes) will be successful.

Whether it’s FR Legends 1 or FR Legends 2, you and I have to enjoy the game, and making it more enjoyable, you can play FR Legends MOD APK as well, where you can get unlimited money, all cars unlocked, new maps, and much more other cool stuff.

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